the Neosteel Arch

During our recent experimentation with chastity games without a secure chastity belt we have come to the conclusion that the Neosteel Arch is central in achieving what we are looking for in enforced male chastity.

When I first got this formidable chastity belt it was definitely taking things to a whole new level.

In a previous post I have given a breif review that much summarizes my view on all the trapped ball devices out there. In my opinion they are toys or at best a friendly reminder, not a “real” chastity belt. Not even the My-Steel premium model Ergoslim gave me the absolute security I was looking for.

So here are a few words on this belt and enabler of 24/7 enforced male chastity.

For me the Neosteel Arch is a complete game-changer. It is obvious that Dr Mende, who invented the Arch, has much experience in designing and producing at a very high quality. The workmanship is second to none in terms of quality and looking at the design it is clear that years of experience come to its justice here. It is minimalistic, with no unnecessary bits or pieces, while still making it 100% secure AND comfortable for 24/7 wear.

There are various designs and systems to choose from at the Neosteel website. Mine is from the Masterpiece System range with a detachable crotch unit and a separate belt. The waist band is made of smooth steel with no rubber or neoprene linings. To this you securely connect “The Arch” sports module with a double plastic coated stainless steel wire in the rear.

This has proven to be the perfect solution for me. I can do most sport and daily activities in this belt and it does not show at al under clothing. With a pair of briefs alone it is invisible.

Important here is fit. The Neosteel Arch has to be snug to your body to make it secure. When you put it on the first time it feels too tight, but as soon as you start using it and doing the mandatory bending to get it to fit your body it gradually gets better. One part of the process is getting a good fit. Another equally (or even more) important part is getting your body used to it. It is just like breaking in a new pair of Italian shoes.

I like everything about this belt. I think it looks great, I love how it feels when I wear it and that it does not interfere with my everyday life. And above all it is by far the safest chastity device/or belt I have ever tried.

One important note though is that the belt will never be or feel like wearing your cotton briefs. It will be comfortable and the body warm steel will feel smooth as soon as you have gone thought the break in period. But it will still be steel and it will still confine your dearest part. You will be frustrated and you will have to find new ways for simple everyday stuff like going to the bathroom or intime hygiene. A power nozzle for your shower for instance  is a  good investment if you do not already have one.  You will most probably also want to carry a small syringe in your pocket for rinsing after peeing. Wet wipes will be good to have handy when away from your own bathroom and shower. You will get the occasional painful erection and you will be in a sexually more aware state at all times.

This belt is as secure as they get and it is quite an extreme chastity enforcer.  Without the key you don’t get out without the proper tools or a locksmith. And that is in my opinion the beauty of it all.

A Neosteel Arch with my settings will cost you some 950 euros and that is a lot of money. But if you change your mind, or lose some weight (as I did) there is actually a great demand for used hip or crotch modules out there. I sold my hip belt on a chastity forum within 2 days, and ordered a new one without feeling too bad about it economically. You can always send your crotch module back to Neosteel for alterations at a reasonable cost. I have had my belt for over 1,5 years now and I have enjoyed it quite a lot, for long and short term play. Looking at the wear and tear it has very little patina and will last me another 30-40 years, at least, if I so desire.  With that in mind the Neosteel provides a much greater long term value then any of the various types of  “cheap”, often plastic, devices for 95 Euros that are bound for the bin either because they simply break or are useless from a security perspective.

So if you have done your initial experimenting and are looking for a really secure male chastity belt that actually works for 24/7 enforced male chastity play you now know where to look.


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