surfing on the edge

Yesterday she unlocked me and teased me in the most intense way. She kept me on that delightfully frustratingly painful edge for over an hour, maybe closer to two. And I was in heaven.

When she decided to slide her dripping vagina over my rock hard penis I had to fight climaxing with all that I had. She just sat there, encasing my bone hard member, smiling and reminding me not to orgasm. If I did she would lock me up for a very, very long time without any of her delightful teasing.

This is probably one of my most powerful sexual experiences I have ever had. It is indeed comparable with the first time I ever had sex.

Of cause it all ended with her getting another of those massive orgasms.

She allowed me to sleep next to her without the Neosteel, as it would have taken too long to get me soft enough to get in and sleep would have been compromised far too much. If any ejaculation would occur during the night she made clear that consequences would be quite severe. I locked back in the first thing in the morning. Just thinking about last night makes me highly aroused.

I have now been locked, teased and denied for 11 days. With her taking her teasing to the current level I am constantly horny and sexually very attentive to her. It is maddening but I love every second of it. I have had self-lock ups that have lasted up to a month, but with her doing it this is far more intense. I am constantly feeling sexually aroused. It feels my urethra if filled with prostate fluid all the time and that orgasm is just under my skin. I am literally dripping for her.

The new setting of the Neosteel Arch is now quite comfortable. So it should only be a matter of days or maximum a week before I dare to finally and definitely hand over the keys to her, so that she for real becomes my key holder. We will then enter into the most pure form of 24/7 chastity and denial.

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