stricter this time

Life has been busy lately and chastity play has not been on top of our agenda. My wife decided to grant an orgasm after six months and fifteen days of enforced permanent chastity and denial. We define this as her deciding if, when and how I get any orgasm. From July 27 until February 11 I was at her mercy, and under her spell. She has a high sex drive. So, we still had a lot of sex, more than before and she had plenty of orgasm. I was however not left locked up and forgotten. During this time, she regularly unlocked me for some intense tease and denial. After few weeks and months this becomes the most wonderful love-hate-thing imaginable. Our chastity contract (signed December 20, 2015) stipulates that I must alert her should I come close to an orgasm. I am never to reach the point of no return without giving her the possibility to back off in time. If we have penetrative sex the same rules apply. We have had plenty of that.

Looking back at this period I remember a lot of very hot sex. Me penetrating her or giving her intense orgasm using all sorts of alternatives to my locked-up penis. It is frustrating to have to stop fucking her just as my orgasm builds up. Then to continue at a phase that will prevent me from reaching that wonderful point of no return, while she brings herself over the edge is among the most erotic things I have ever experienced.

The reason for her allowing me that final orgasm after half a year was that we were expecting the delivery of our baby. She gave me two options. One was to stay locked over the birth and take the consequences of her possibly losing all interest in sex for the coming months. It would pretty much be a lock-up-and forget thing. Or get my orgasm before the birth and then focus on our little family, putting chastity aside for a while.

Six months and two weeks was good enough for a first longer chastity enforced tease and denial period as a couple. So, I went for the second option. That orgasm was heavenly!

In retrospect, that half a year was an amazing experience and a one of my absolute top sexual fantasies coming true. It was super erotic. Being half way to an orgasm for six months… Just imagine.

I believe it has built more intimacy between my wife and me. Not only because she gets more sex, but that we share this kinky adventure. As my sex drive is normally a bit lower than hers, me masturbating is never ever an acceptable option in her opinion. She wants all my sexual energy to be shared with her. With this she, knowing it or not, focuses all my sexual energy toward her. Another positive outcome is that I get much more interested in sex while locked up. Yet another win for her (and for me).

But as always there are room improvement. After some weeks into the lock up the belt put painful pressure on the flesh and skin just over the but crack, so I had a key to be able to manage that. Mostly that key was in our k-safe and locked away for 3-10 days at a time. But the fact that I at all had a key made my wife feel that she lacked absolute control. After some bending and experimenting I concluded that a tighter hip band could probably solve the issue. It sounds contra intuitive at first, but a tighter belt sits a bit higher and distributes the pressure more evenly around the waist. The Neosteel Arch must be quite tight and have a perfect fit for comfort and security. When our new hip band arrived, there was consequently a need to elongate the rear cable to compensate for the higher position. So, the tube was sent back to Dr Mende. So, a new break in period was needed, making 24/7 wear hard as a bit of bending and testing is needed to get the right fit. After the modifications, it was a new belt altogether.

While waiting for the new band we bought a used Lori #5 tube. In the beginning this seemed very promising. We hoped this would bridge the time for the Arch to be returned from the workshop. But within a few weeks I found that I could stimulate myself, and probably get an orgasm. The tube was just a bit too wide and did not cover enough of my shaft. I did not even know that my shaft was so sensitive. A new longer and narrower Lori #5 has now been ordered. Delivery takes some 9 weeks and we have about a month left to wait until we get ours.

The last months was not optimal due to the alterations of the Neosteel and the experimentation with the Lori. But the good outcome of this is that the updated belt is a perfect fit. The plan moving forward is to alternate between the Neosteel and the Loris to get as close to 100% lockup time as possible, hygiene breaks included.

We are now back in the saddle. After almost three months of freedom, baby life and some very good sex I have now been locked in the Neosteel Arch under the strict enforcement of my wife for nine days, since May 1, 2017. We have also improved the management of the spare key by sealing it into a small metal tube, making it impossible to use it without breaking the seal. It has now been sealed like that since mid-April. The increased comfort now allows total handover of the keys to her. We have finally crossed a very interesting line.

This time around she has increased powers, with my key sealed away I must ask her for anything regarding the lock to my super secure chastity belt. Once I hear the klick of the lock she is in charge. The last period was a perfect test period. We did what we could to make it as real as possible. Before that I did not realise there were further adjustments to be done to the Neosteel, as I could unlock, adjust and relock at my convenience. It is a journey with a lot of partial goals to be achieved. There is no right or wrong way, and there is as many styles that are awesome as there are people out there giving this a go. Trying is in my opinion more important than how or perfection. Perfection will come, eventually. And what that is only you decide.

My feeling is that the enforcement of my chastity and the limitations of the access to my dear parts will be much stricter this time. Bringing the learnings from our past lock up to this one I foresee a lot of frustration and intense scenes. Last time I knew she was aiming for six months. This time she just smiles when we broach the topic of duration. I am very excited (in many ways) to see where the adventure take us this time.

I am madly in love with my wife and get very horny just by thinking of her. The latter I’m sure has gotten a push in the right direction by our chastity adventure. If, however love was not there to begin with that would never have happened. I guess we are both very lucky.

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