she did it again

Yesterday she did it again. Teased me beyond reason. It has been three weeks, five days and five hours since I was locked up and denied any access to my sexual pleasures. This is a personal record. Even if I have been locked up since early 2014, orgasm has been about every second weeks with longer period of free access.

Her having the exclusive decision on my sexual release is about the sexiest thing I have ever experienced. And she seems to be enjoying herself. She knows that I am not a masochist, and her powers is over my sexual release and that alone. In everyday life we are very equal. Sexually she wants to be restrained and “forced” sexually, and her every day dominant persona has its submissive counterpart that needs to be fed frequently for her to be a happy bunny.

Yesterday she started teasing me in her favourite way. That means sucking and licking my tender testicles while my penis is safely locked down in the Neosteel Arch. There is no way to get out and the erection is kept at a minimum. It takes a lot of will power to let her do that. The first five minutes or so is all about me coming to terms with what she is doing and accepting it. After that it is physically endurable but emotional and mental torture. And she loves it. Normally she stops here, when she has assured my meat squashed in the confining steel. But for the second time in the past weeks she actually unlocked the tube and set my raging hard-on free. She teased me before she straddled me and took my full length in her very wet vagina. I could feel how she pulsated and how I grew harder than I can ever remember. “You don’t cum” was her only words. That made me even harder.

Then she started riding me slowly while I could feel her pussy squeeze my erection. Being inside of her like this must be as close to heaven as you can come. She started massaging her clitoris and her moans got louder. I did everything in my power to relax and not to tension my muscles down there, in fear of orgasming without her permission. When I signalled that I was too close she stopped. But as I was still in danger of ejaculating, she slid out and placed a large dildo on my belly. She continued satisfying herself with the dildo and our powerful wand. When I had relaxed for a few minutes or so she once again slid my super hard cock inside of her. She rode me slowly as he was building up her orgasm. The she came hard. She kept the vibrator on her clit, ensuring that it did not touch me. She came like that for ages while I did everything in my powers not tension any muscles in my pelvis or penis. Even though I actively relaxed I was bone hard and it felt so good. If she would have given me the go for an orgasm, I would just have had to tension my muscles once or twice, and I would have shot the load of a lifetime. I asked and she smiled and confirmed her ‘NO!’

Then she came again. It was a fountain orgasm and with it she also flushed my erection out of her. She was wasted and I was happy for her. She stayed in my arms for a good while and almost fell asleep. I had a quick shower as I was beneath the spray of juices as she came. I was told to lock back in and come to bed. So I did. She fell asleep immediately. It took me a few hours before I also entered the land of the dreaming.

She does this for me, but I get the feeling that she is more and more doing it for herself. I think it was a great relief to have the ok to go for her own orgasm while denying mine, fully aware of that “this I what he asked for”.

I love this woman of mine, and the good thing is that we love each other’s perversions. She would not be with me if I wasn’t kinky, and this is probably true the other way around as well. I love her, and would do so even if this particularly kink was not as high on her list. But she has seen the benefits and has embraced it fully. Having me locked up like this works like a bit of an amplifier. I am constantly horny, and more eager to have sex. She likes that a lot. I also feel more of my love for her, like an energy about to explode.

So it has been 26 frustrating days. Would I change anything? Still not!

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