sex is better than ever

It has now been eighty-one days since my last O. It has been ups and downs, and even moments when I was on the verge of ending it, both of sexual frustration but also due to the immense stress we have been under lately. As life returns to normal I am happy that we persisted and that we still play this insanely intense game. I am horny almost 24/7 and my genitals has never been so sensitive to attention before. When she unlocks the Neosteel and let me out there are no words to describe how excited it makes me. Whatever she does to my penis or testicles sends me right to the erotic stratosphere. Her touch sends shockwaves though my whole body. She has perfected her reading of my arousal, and she usually stops her teasing just when I am about to caution her that I am getting to close to the point of no return. Not once in the past few teasing session have I had to verbally tell her to be careful.

Last Saturday she un-belted me, and when she slid her fingers down the backside of my shaft it immediately took me dangerously close to that point of no return. How I would last more than half a minute or so was a mystery. She noticed and went for my testicles instead. Never before have I been so close to orgasming from just having my balls gripped by the base and tugged, licked and sucked. She alternated this with letting her tongue flick on the back side of my glans, just where my PA piercing penetrates the skin. It is so sensitive that this makes my whole body spasm. I had to gather all my mental strength not to push her away, or even better give myself two or three hard strokes that would make me cum like a train. I am as close to an orgasm as you can come, and she plays me like a virtuoso play her instrument.

I can see and feel that she is enjoying every second of it, and so am I. I haven’t had an orgasm in 81 days, and as strange as it sounds, sex is better than ever, for both of us.

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