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I have now been locked in my totally secure Neosteel for 36 days. I have had no orgasms and no access to please myself. There is no chance I could bring myself to an orgasm. The confining steel keeps my erections at a minimum, throbbing against the restraint.

It feels great, but at the same time it is frustrating. One part of me wants that heavenly orgasm, but knowing that my current heightened sexual state would disappear, makes me want to wait just a bit more.

I have confessed this to my wife and key holder. It seems she has no problem denying me while she gets all the orgasms she wants. Yesterday I once again serviced her with our strap-on, that fills her up better than “natural me” does. After we had made love, and she laid exhausted over me in her post orgasm glow she asked me if I could go six months locked up, letting me know she was actually considering that. I had to reply that I didn’t know.

It made me so horny just thinking about it. Ever since I have not been able to think about much else. Today I will have to confess that to her how I have reacted to her words. After that it is very likely that this will be my new reality.

Permanent steel and lock enforced orgasm denial for the 6 months ahead. Just writing this makes me horny beyond sanity. Do I even have to say I love this woman of mine…

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