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Are there really only a few couples that use chastity as a lifestyle?
Tell us about your daily routines.

Yes, we too live the lifestyle and at the moment it is as 24/7 as it gets. Got my Neosteel Arch March 14, 2014 and have been more in it than out I believe since. September 21, 2015 we signed a chastity contract transferring all that power to her and in December 2015 we went from chastity play to permanent enforced orgasm denial.

It has not been as straight forward as it sounds, but that story is a whole new thread of its own.

On July 27, 2016 it was decided again to go for a serious lock up. I felt I had to show her and myself that we could do this. Apart from a very ruined ejaculation I have not had a proper orgasm since, while she has had plenty.

We live in a house by a lake near our beautiful capital. Every second week we have children 7 and 5 years old. We have a dog and I have a horse.

We got married this summer and moved in together in our new house on September 15. I have actually spent our whole marriage locked in a secure chastity belt, with her holding the keys. This is a fact I really like, and will miss if we decide to discontinue this lifestyle.

So, I am locked pretty much 24/7, even when we have the children. When we are alone we both sleep naked (or as naked as you get in a full Neosteel belt). When we have the children I use briefs that hides the belt very well. So far we have had no issues with the children discovering my little adjustment. I believe that the Neosteel Arch is more discrete than any ball trap cage out there under normal underwear.

This account is how the past 124 days (4+ months) has been.

She has a higher sex drive than me. If she could she would have sex twice a day every day, while once or twice a week more than fills my need. This has been a bit of an issue in the past. With me locked up and more or less constantly horny the frequency has gone up quite a bit, and this is one of her main reasons for liking our current set up. I am sex on demand for her. I am more eager and our contract stipulates that I can never say no to satisfying her, while she can refuse me at any time no questions asked.

While talking about sex I might handle that first. There are two main ways we have sex, and sometimes it is a mixture of both. 99,5% of the times it ends up with her having one, two or more orgasm while I have none.

Teasing me is one of her absolute favourites. It can be with me locked in the belt, where the focus is then usually my testicles. She loves to hold, fondle lick and suck them until I beg for mercy. Other times she actually unlocks me and drives me mad with sexual excitement, just to keep me there for as long as she likes (usually until she had enough of orgasming). She has become a virtuoso playing with my arousal and manages to keep me on the edge for very long times. She even has me entering her while reminding me that my orgasm is strictly out of the question. When I get to enter her all focus is on her orgasm. Feeling how rock hard I get inside of her usually forces her to go easy on herself not to come too soon. I always warn her when we approach my point of no return. Sometimes I ask for permission to cum, but to this date the answer has always been NO! This is so sexy and wonderfully frustrating. Other times she has me doing it to her with a well sized strap-on while I am securely locked up. Either way it is very erotic. Sex frequency is 3-5 times a week, where she usually let me out once or twice to play with. Some weeks I am not let out at all.

For hygiene I am depending on a syringe to rinse the tube via the three small drainage holes at the bottom. I use tea tree oil a few times a week to get it thoroughly cleansed and disinfected. Syringe is needed after peeing. Of course I do that sitting down. I have also got a P.A. piercing with would oblige me to sit anyway. Doing heavier business at the toilet has gone from problematic to very manageable. I prefer to use the shower after pooing, but can manage with wet wipes for emergencies. We have one toilet with a shower at my office making my life so much easier. Using the shower and the syringe I usually feel very clean. The tea tree oil works miracles. Soaping the skin under the tube and rinsing off with the power shower head and, voilà, ready to go.

A new routine that my wife/KH has recently introduced is that she is the one cleaning my penis and shaving my balls. She has picked up on my fantasy of eliminating me touching my penis at all. This brings our set up to a much higher level.

We have two keys, hers and the extra key. For emergencies we keep the extra in a k-safe. You can smash it but the cost is high and discovery certain. Last time I locked away the key was last Friday, and the time lock will open again on Friday morning. Until then I am at my wife´s mercy 100%. The reason I get the key on Friday is that I have to ride my horse, and this is incompatible with a Neosteel Arch, both for safety reasons, but also due to the quality of my riding. Anything less than 100% is rude to the horse. A P-A secured tube has arrived at the post today, potentially solving this problem. I see a near future where my wife switches my device the days riding is on the schedule, eliminating the need for me to have any access to keys to my chastity devices. I prefer the Neosteel to be the belt of choice, but her control to be 100%, 24/7/365.

Around the kids I have decided not to start behaving odd just to disguise my belt. I never go nude with the kids around and I am very private about the bathroom. So far this has been enough.

Apart from this, and our extraordinary sex life, we are like you average neighbours. We love to have family and friends over for dinner and we mix our kinky friends with other friends not so initiated in our set up. Most of our kinky friends know about me being locked up 24/7 and at her mercy. Her control over me is purely sexual and our marriage is otherwise very equalitarian. We enjoy latex, shibari, kinky sex and fetish parties. When we do Japanese ropes I am the rigger and she is my model. Tying her up and going rough on her puts a happy smile on her face. The dynamic gets even more intense when she at the same time holds the key to my securely locked up penis.

This is pretty much how we live our version of the lifestyle.

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