new experiences ahead

I love everything about my Neosteel Arch, especially since I went even tighter on the waist. It now fits like it was painted on my skin. Very restrictive and as secure as any chastity device could ever get. Without the key there is no way to touch any part of my member, not even at the base. And that is truly maddening. I love how it constrains my erections while keeping me so sexually excited and frustrated. This full steel chastity belt is perfect!

There is only one final barrier and limitation where the Neosteel cannot manage my lifestyle. I have a horse and this is nothing I want to change as this is where I fuel positive energy and top up my life elixir. Riding my horse keeps me sane, strong and happy. I also keep very fit due to this hobby of mine. As I do this several times a week the belt has to come off. Riding a horse, especially if you want to have a chance at competitions requires 100% contact between rider and the saddle. Unfortunately, there is no full male steel chastity belt that can accommodate for that, for obvious reasons. So to manage this we need to trust the honor system where I am allowed to bring a key to the office, remove the belt for riding and then lock back again.

So if it was not for my particular sport and completion ambitions the Neosteel is perfect for 24/7 enforced male chastity.

My wife is not entirely happy with this solution, nor am I. But giving up my horse for this kink is giving up a very important part my life. That will not happen. And even though I have not masturbated during these windows of opportunity, we both feel that this limits the sense of control for her, and for me.

In the meantime, other conditions have changed as well. 18 months ago I got my PA, purely for aesthetics. It has been stretched to a 5 GA and now looks awesome. When I bought my Neosteel I had no PA piercing, so a full belt was my only option, for maximum security.

So with the new conditions at hand I have been looking for a device that is secure enough without interfering with my riding, to be used on those days. A ball trap device has the same limitations as a full belt as the balls are caught in a ring. I have tried all types of cages (CB3000, 3 versions of Steelworxx, The Sentinel, BirdCage, and a few DHgate design) and managed to defeat them all without much effort, and as mentioned, the balls are very much in danger of being seriously damaged while riding. I will not even give it a try.

So, I finally arrived at the only option left, the Lori’s #5 chastity device with an integrated PA piercing fixture.

It seems to be the perfect match for my Neosteel arch, allowing my wife to control me sexually 24/7/ 365 in perpetuity while I can continue riding my horse. If this device is half as good as many users claim, even people who also have the Neosteel Arch, then some wise use of the two devices could finally give my wife total and irrevocable control over my orgasms.

So, I placed an ad on FetLife for a Loris #5 tube with my particular measurements. Without much expectations I have to admit. Within a few it hours I had gotten a reply that seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, and also paid for it. Today it has been sent from the US to Europe, and should be here in a few days. Sometimes luck is on your side. I hope to be as fortunate on my measuring and the final fit.

Yesterday I stretched my well healed GA 5 piercing to a GA 4 to initiate the process towards wearing the Loris #5. The device is a GA 2, so I will have to be patient.

I am so looking forward to this new experience.

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