Neosteel Fun – first impression

Since March 25, 2014 I have spent more _DSC6875fBLs900time Locked in the Neosteel Arch than out of it. Some periods have been 24/7 long term lock up with up to 6 months in-between releases. It has been a time and cash consuming journey to find the perfect device, secure enough to deny me any self-pleasuring while comfortable enough to allow long term lock ups. I have tried about everything out there, from ball-trap devices to full belts.

With the Neosteel Arch and the spaceless all steel hip bland I had come as far as you could come. I was finally in real life 24/7/365 territory. Allowing for sports I have routinely bene locked in my Neosteel belt at the gym, while the keys where in the possession of my wife. The thrill of public showers and trying to be discrete enough not get caught is quite thrilling. The Arch was a complete game-changer for me. Being able to be truly locked up and denied is maddening. And the experience of not being able to touch or seeing my penis for days and sometimes weeks provoked feelings in me I had never imagined. Crossdressing and feminization came naturally as a result of my flat front and no penis to play with. This belt has taken me a on a most amazing and wonderfully kinky journey.

There has only been one final obstacle for achieving total and uncompromising 24/7/365 keyholder control. I have the most fantastic show jumping horse, and even though I have co-riders I want and need to be in the saddle 3-5 times a week. While riding, sex or self-pleasuring is the last thing on my mind. But you need to change clothes and to get out of the belt. Even though I touch myself at the very minimum, I usually get hard, and that is enough to feel just a tiny bit too much lack of control and knowing that the possibility to get that release still exists. Even though in honour our agreement not to pleasure myself, it is not the same thing as truly handing over the power.

Recetly I asked Dr Mende to produce a shorter version of The Arch for me to reduce as much of the bulk between my legs to make it compatible with the horse saddle. I even suggested and altered design to further reduce the volume.

Dr Mende responded with the suggestion that I go for the recently launched Neosteel Fun instead, showing me how it might do what I was looking for. Initially I was sceptical, but I am glad that I reconsidered.

The belt arrived last Thursday. Unfortunately, I was out of town until yesterday. So only then could I try it on for the first time. I am currently wearing it.

So far, my impression is that Dr Mende has created something truly amazing!

I wanted to eliminate the bulk between the legs. The Fun does exactly that without losing too much of the room for the penis, why I think your belt is the better product. I love how the totally secure belt is there, but how I don’t feel the bulk in-between the legs, and that while sitting it does not even touch the surface I am sitting on. Not even on soft surfaces. The funnel approach is ingenious, using the male anatomy “against” the user in a very frustrating way. I love (and hate) how any arousal will take the wearer further from the possibility of any release. This seems to work precisely as intended. The funnel grips the glans, where it would just wiggle around in the tube of the Arch if not trying to become erect. Both feelings are good, but there is more of a constant reminder of being locked up in The Fun.

Neosteel took the best belt on the market and made it even better.

This is the first time I think it might be possible for a man to go horseback riding in a totally secure full steel chastity belt. If this works, me and my wife are heading towards a level of control beyond anything we have experienced before. To some extent this is a bit scary.

While the Arch brought out my inner femme fatale, this belt has a lot of potential for catheter play. The latter has never attracted me. But as with the femme fatale I get the feeling that this belt will get me to want to try that out. I can imagine the total loss of control of having your penis locked up, totally removing its utility as a sex organ. The thought of also remove its control over the bladder has something a bit exciting to it.

All images in this post shot by my partner in crime, Key holder and wife. 


2 thoughts on “Neosteel Fun – first impression

  1. Locked Inox

    Great review. What is you experience of urinating with the Fun? I notice they are no small holes on the underside and wondered if that might lead to pooling inside the sheath.

  2. Anna

    U cant simply wear that exact belt for 6months without unlocking due to the baar running across you asshole, otherwise the cleaning process would be hell.


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