Looking back

The short version – 2016 – Wow, what a year!

The somewhat longer version.
I can remember leaving 2013 with a sad feeling I my heart. Behind I had left am energy consuming vanilla relation. I had loved but the energy was to negative and absorbed everything positive about me into a black hole. One good thing about 2013 was at the very end of it I got to know S. Little did we know then. We started out as good friends, kinky clubbing together.

It is much around her 2016 has orbited. In 2015 I had asked for her hand and in 2016 we got married, twice. First at the latex club where we fell in love. Then in a very beautiful medieval church on the countryside. We have sold one house in the city and my house on the countryside, to buy a nice house near the city by a beautiful lake.

But all of that is just the surface. What is important is that we are madly in love with each other. And the good thing is that it seems to keep growing stronger. We are both truly kinky and switching. For us it all began with the ropes. S is a fantastic rope model. She his strong, sensual and a bit masochistic. When I tie her we end up in this magic bubble. We are often told that we radiate when we tie together. We can feel that, but was a bit surprised to hear that it is actually visible as well.

We are still with the ropes, even if public performance has not been as frequents as in 2014 and 2015. Life has been too busy, AND we are expecting a baby.

2016 have been a year of new experiments. When my vanilla relation was history I sort of celebrated by ordering a Neosteel Arch. S knew that I was kinky, and I knew she was the same. We got to know each other in the rubber scene, and her toy box was as well-equipped as mine.

Almost as long as she has known me she has been aware of my chastity fetish. I was actually wearing my Neosteel Arch under my neoprene shorts the night we first fell in love. After an introduction she got intrigued and admitted that the thought of having me locked up with her holding the key made her horny. July 28, some five months, two weeks and five days, ago she assumed the ownership of my orgasm for real. Since then I have spent the majority of my time locked up and unable to please or touch myself.

This has been the most rewarding experience. Even though I am not to come or touch myself, it does not mean we have no sex. On the contrary. We have more sex. She gets more orgasms, and she loves to lock me up and tease me to a maddening state of arousal and then deny me. My erections are harder than ever, for her to enjoy endlessly. She has perfected her technique in reading me, and I have signed a contract to (among other things) alert before it gets too late to abort my ejaculation. Only once has this failed, resulting in the most ruined orgasm ever, leaving me a lot more frustrated than before. She loves to have me inside of her. And when she comes she likes to feel my rock hard cock inside of her slowly moving in and out of her as she rides the waves of her orgasm. When I need to stop to calm down, the smile on her face is priceless.

In 2016 it feels like I have finally come home. I live with my beautiful, smart and wonderfully kinky S. She does not just accept who and what I am. It is the very foundation of our love. She loves every bit of me and it is totally mutual.

In less than two weeks it has been 6 months since she last allowed me an orgasm. She has indicated that it will be at least six months to the next. 2016 has told me that she is much firmer than more unwavering than I could ever have imagined. She never liked that I wasted any sexual energy (or semen) on masturbation. She always wanted to be part of that. Now that she has gained 100% control and power over that I don’t expect that she will hand it back.

I am really looking forward to what 2017 have in store for us. From where I stand now, I can only see a very interesting, sexy and fulfilling year ahead. Bring it on, I am ready!

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