key management

I am currently testing the K-safe time lock together with the Neosteel arch that arrived back this Wednesday after some modifications. Sizing seems perfect and the new antibacterial coating looks great and feels super smooth to touch.

Since then I have been constantly locked up. I have had a key with me to work in case of emergencies. But when when arriving home I have immediately locked the keys away until the next morning, just in time to head of for work. K-safe time has been about 12 hours at a go. In the past three and a half days I have only had just under two hours out of the Neosteel to allow for non CB compatible sports.

I am working to incorporate the following paragraph into the contract.

Key management

There are 2 keys to A’s chastity belt. One is to be in S’ possession at all times. The other will be regarded as a safety key.

When together S will have both keys under her control. Using pre-commitment enabled by a time-lock, A is to keep the safety key locked away, always when home alone, and mostly when out of home. Timer to be set only to allow lock up for special commitments such as sports or activities where the chastity becomes an obstacle for normal life.

When out of the belt A is to behave as if he was still locked up. No touching allowed apart from a swift cleaning and shaving (whenever possible under her supervision) once a week.

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