handing over the power

On December 20, 2015 the key was handed over and the chastity contract signed. The 24/7 chastity and denial is now formal.

I has now been 17 day since my last orgasmS-kh, while she have had plenty. 1-2 to per night more or less. She gets very horny as she teases and denies me. I get rock hard while she gets soaking wet. Bringing her to an orgasm is easier than ever.

We both love this new dynamic of our relation.

You find the full chastity contract here.

2 thoughts on “handing over the power

  1. CarraraBelted

    Been really enjoying your journey! Keep sharing with it. I’m hoping my wife will get more into the “belted” life and I think your blog is going to help! Would love to see some photos of you in your belt/your belt.

    1. Andrew Post author

      I am truly happy if we can inspire others to give this lifestyle a serious go. It is a bit kinky but yet something that you can do 24/7/365 without others noticing. We might post some photos as we have quite a few of them, but the purpose of the blog is sharing our journey.


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