dates to remember

Permanent male chastity and orgasm denial does not happen over night. I found a counter function on WordPress and started punching in dates for various milestones.From seriously going for it this timeline can help understanding the time frame for our process. As it is the journey itself that is the reward, don’t be put off by the figures below.

It has been 890 days since I started wearing the Neosteel Arch, 622 days since I got to know S at a party, 420 days since we formally became a couple, 334 days since all the rights to my orgasms was fully transferred to her, 249 days since we went from chastity play to permanent orgasm denial . It has also been 249 days since my first longer lock up period under her command, 244 days since we signed our chastity contract, 23 days since my last orgasm.


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