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Neosteel Fun – first impression

Since March 25, 2014 I have spent more _DSC6875fBLs900time Locked in the Neosteel Arch than out of it. Some periods have been 24/7 long term lock up with up to 6 months in-between releases. It has been a time and cash consuming journey to find the perfect device, secure enough to deny me any self-pleasuring while comfortable enough to allow long term lock ups. I have tried about everything out there, from ball-trap devices to full belts.

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new experiences ahead

I love everything about my Neosteel Arch, especially since I went even tighter on the waist. It now fits like it was painted on my skin. Very restrictive and as secure as any chastity device could ever get. Without the key there is no way to touch any part of my member, not even at the base. And that is truly maddening. I love how it constrains my erections while keeping me so sexually excited and frustrated. This full steel chastity belt is perfect!

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