BL Sport

BL Sport – Chastity for men

Although a very nice chastity belt, we have decided not to produce these for commercialisation. The reason is that we simply do not have time to do this.

Wanting to combine the best of two worlds we invented the BL Sports for men.

While we love the design of barred chastity cages and the advantages that gives in terms of hygiene and exposure we also wanted the security of a full belt.

We wanted to create something truly beautiful and minimalistic, that was hygienic and practical, while at the same time allowing for a very active lifestyle.

Using our experience from the Neosteel Arch and all the various types of trapped ball devices the had though the years we came up with a list that would define the perfect chastity belt for us. It needed to be safe and comfortable. If any of those conditions where not fulfilled we would need to get back to the drawing board. Allowing for long term wear was another. Having had problems with edema in the Neosteel that had to be adressed as well.

We feel that for us the BL Sport ticks all the boxes and we are proud to be able to offer it to a broader audience.

The belt is made of stainless steel, and is locked by a unique security screw, much like you find on a Lori’s tube.



The soft wire parts ensures that the belt moves a little bit and follows your body, maximising comfort.


This picture is from the first prototype that never got the final polished finish. You can easily use a Prince Albert Piercing to get that extra feeling of no escape. Without it is still safer than any trapped ball device out there. Just mention if you intend to use a PA when you order and we will ensure you have an fixing point. No extra cost.


The rigid parts of the BL Sport before assembly. Security screw in place.



We wanted an elegant design that works for all occasions.


Flat and discrete.


Open and easy to clean.