back on track

We are back on track!

It has now been a day short of two weeks since my ejaculation accident. It was the most ruined orgasm of a lifetime and my wife has ensured that frustration has been kept intensely high. Last Sunday I was unlocked, instructed to masturbate to the very limit of orgasming. After that she let me calm down a bit just to give my hard penis the sweetest attention with her hand and mouth. She kept that up for twenty minutes or so. It was heaven and hell at the same time. Like that she must have brought me to the very edge at least ten times. I could have killed for an orgasm. At the same time I really did not want to come. It all resulted in me slowly penetrating her while she brought herself to a very nice orgasm. She has become an expert reading me, and I did my best to avoid the devastating point of no return. I managed not to come even though the days before had been extremely frustrating. The accidental half orgasm had left me with an empty feeling inside that I believe only a full and massive orgasm could have relived.

Locking back felt hard, but now I am, and I fully accept it. My penis is no longer under my control, and I really want to show her, and myself, that I can do this.

It feels as we are now at a new level. I am more frustrated, and more locked up than ever. She has prohibited med to clean and shave myself, minimizing my self-touching. I never stimulate myself. She does, and it feels so good when she does.

I love her and my feelings are more profound than ever for her. It is clear that we are playing this game together, and that she is enjoying her role as my key holder. I asked her to list the top five things she likes about our setup. In no order her reply was. 1 My increased sex drive and eagerness, 2 that it makes her horny, 3 knowing that I am constantly horny, 4 the joy of playing with my sexual frustration, and 5 that this kink brings us closer as a couple.

It feels great being on track again. I am sexually frustrated, very horny, but most important very, very happy.

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