long term comfort and security for 24/7 in the Nesoteel Arch

I got the question of how I had managed to get to long term wear in the Arch.

Her are my thoughts on the topic.

You need to bear in mind that break in is a bitch. I don’t know how many chafing’s I have had to heal before being able to continue after some further bending. You will be wearing steel on a part of your body that is used to cotton or silk. It will take some time for your body to adjust!

To start with, you must have a good fit. Having tried almost all possible version of sizing my conclusion is that supertight around the waist and ‘just’ a tight fit of the crotch module is the starting point.

My fist hip band was 78 cm around. It felt way too tight, but I decided to give it a serious go. Soon it was shortened to 75 cm, which initially felt as tight as the first one. As the hip band went shorter the rear cable had to be elongated with 2 cm. Belt was very comfortable, except for a squeeze of the upper part of my gluteus maximus in the back. With time this became more of a problem, so another shortening of the hip band recently was done. My current belt is 73 cm, a whole 5 cm shorter than the one I initially felt was too short. The rear cable was lengthened some 1.5 cm to adjust for the higher position of the hip band.

When I still had access to the keys the second setting was good enough, as I could unlock every now and then to readjust things and then relock. It was not until keys were handed over to my key holder that I realised I needed to increase the comfort. With its current setting the belt is comfortable beyond imagination.

To get it to work 24/7 you need to push the frontiers. More than once I have felt that the belt needs to come off, but stayed in it, often motivated by my dear key owner. In the process, I realised I could adjust things just enough for improved comfort without the keys. Sometimes it has resulted in bad shafting and sores, but other times I have reached new levels of comfort.

With every change in size the break in period has been anything from one to three months. My current belt took the shortest, but is by far the tightest. The fit is phenomenal, as is security and comfort.

The tighter belt presses more against the skin making it more important to use some skin moistener under the belt. I use Vaseline under the hip band and on the penis, balls and perineum. If the belt doesn’t stick to the kin, comfort is fantastic. I apply some more Vaseline in the morning and evening and after showers (belt locked in place of course). I have also found that a super thin synthetic sports t-shirt as a layer between the belt and the skin has the same effect as skin cream. Even though the belt is super tight you can fit the thin fabric under it.

With the tight fit, you also increase comfort while seated. I dive my car some 3 hours a day belted, I also do sports, work in the garden and attend social events. At the office, I prefer to stand, but sitting works fine as well, if you can change position every now and then.

I have made a mental note about posting something on measuring for your Neosteel belt.

One thought on “long term comfort and security for 24/7 in the Nesoteel Arch

  1. Michael

    I found a very similar experience with an Access Denied full belt that I’ve had for something like 20 years. When I ordered it, I was unbelievably skinny. I ordered it a little bit larger, knowing I’d probably gain some weight at some point and wanted to make sure that the investment I’d put into it would last longer than if I went with something that would fit the frame I had at the time. It wasn’t loose by any stretch of the imagination, but it didn’t feel like it was gripping either and it could shift a bit, especially when I was laying on my side. I went through the adjustment phase, had a lot of fun with it and was able to wear it for a few continuous months with very little difficulty. It would occasionally bear on my hip bones, usually when I was wearing jeans and doing something active, also the tube felt like it hung down lower than I’d prefer, but I assumed that was just how things were. I was most aware of that bulk when I was sitting in an office chair. But for the most part, I could go jogging in it, and even crawl under vehicles to make repairs so long as I wasn’t in a hurry.

    Life and uninterested partners came up and I had it in storage for quite a number of years. I tried various cage designs, mostly for convenience, but also because I had work requirements that demanded more flexibility than the full belt would allow.

    So, finally, about a year ago, I came across the box it was in and took a look at it. I wondered if it still fit, since I’ve actually gained about 30 lbs since the time I ordered it two decades ago. I’m not overweight and definitely in the realm of normal, but a bit softer than I’d actually like. Nothing like the skin and bones I was at age 20. Anyway, it was a bit of a squeeze to get the waistband closed, but it wasn’t un-doable. I doubt I would have been able to work a sorts style shirt under it, but I could still wiggle a couple of fingers under the band. My first thought was, “Good Lord this is tight.” My second thought was, “I had no idea it could fit THIS well and be THIS comfortable. This feels SO good!” The band was up and off my hipbones, even when I would lie down, sitting was more comfortable and the tube felt like it was tucked better, the front shield rested against my abdomen more firmly. Too tight, was FAR more comfortable than slightly loose. 5 to 7.5 cm more room in the waistband would have been perfect, but the point was made. A tighter, higher fit made all the difference for me too.


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