new era approaching?

I cannot emphasise enough how much I really love the aesthetics, and even though the Neosteel Arch is a formidable chastity belt in terms of its total inescapability, amazing looks and very high level of comfort, there is just one place where the Neosteel can’t follow me. I have a horse and I love to be on the horseback. Trapped ball devices are plainly dangerous to wear in the saddle and the Neosteel compromises riding too much due to the tube in-between the legs. I am still experimenting to make this work, but the force of a 600 kg horse is not something you play around with.

So a few times a week we have had to trust some sort of honour system. While this has worked and my lock up rate has been somewhere between 90-98% it has not been at the level of control we are looking for. If I for some reason would leave the horses behind, the Neosteel would immediately be locked on and my spare key along with the honour system would be history.

But until then we will give the Lori tube a go. So, almost a month ago the Lori # 5 appeared in our mailbox and we started experimenting with it. It felt comfortable, but I was worried that my piecing would get pulled too much. It is quite a hefty device and the weight is very noticeable.

On February 11 my wife gave me my first real and full orgasm in over six months. Since then I have been free to do anything. Well almost anyway. I have been allowed to orgasm, but only while including my wife in the action.

The only key we had was lost. Therefore, we have not been able to lock properly. This has however served as an excellent opportunity to get used to the tube, with me being able to get in and out to find the perfect position of the foreskin to avoid enema, and find the optimal solution for my piercing to handle any potential stress the added weight might cause.

February 16 we received our heart key to the Lori #5 chastity tube. The key is beautiful. I was so happy when I got it that I immediately locked myself back in and placed the key in my wife’s bed drawer. She now has the only key and after four and a half days of liberty I am back in steel enforced chastity. Reading posts on various forums and exchanging experiences with more experienced Loris PA wearers it seems that this device can be locked on non-stop 24/7/365 for as long as the key holder wants to keep her man in a heightened sexual state. This might be what we have been looking for.

Wearing the device more or less constantly since I got it (except for the four days of freedom) and experimenting with different types of underwear I am now at a stage where the device is very comfortable. After my wife’s hour long very intense teasing session while I was locked in the Lori indicates that it is most probably as secure as a PA-fixed device can get in terms of preventing any un-granted orgasms on my part.

I feel the device, but it is comfortable. It reminds me of me being locked and as it should it makes me horny. I can already feel the levels of pre-cum building up and I know it is just a matter of days before I start dripping again. I can touch my penis, and even stroke it, but the sweet spot is out of reach and there is no way I have managed to get enough stimulation to do anything but to increase my frustration. I love how the Lori #5 looks on me, and its weight has gone from irritating to comforting. It is a firm but friendly grip of steel hindering me from getting there.

Our baby will be born in a few weeks, and my wife has indicated that sex will be of a less priority until we settle as a larger family. I totally agree and look forward to meeting our new family member.

I know she would not hesitate to have me locked up 24/7 with attention on her sexual pleasures ONLY as we pass though this period should I give the slightest hint. Another thought that has occurred to me is to ask her to keep me permanently locked until my 4 ga piercing is ready for the stretch to 2 ga. This would probably be anything from 4-7 months. I am not sure if I dare. But the thought is indeed intriguing.

I sense a new era approaching, taking our enforced male chastity dynamic to a whole new level.

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  1. Andrew Post author

    I am glad you like our blog. We are still mainly with the Neosteel as it is an amazing invention to just what it is supposed to.


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